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IBTABA N°1 — Wovenhand

David Eugene Edwards from Wovenhand
( at Harmonie in Bonn, Germany, 02.May.2005 )

yes, there are no gigs in the foreseeable future, and I had to organize all of my photos— a bit of restarting with greater harmony in the presentation. thus, I will start with a simple familiarization: post one photo from each concert, with some 200+ folders, and in some cases with multiple cameras, then post one from each camera. at least that’s the intent. it’s rather apt that this is the very first photo taken at a gig, and it’s during a tuning moment.

[ ps ] the series will have, like at Instagram, of #fdbIBTABA

[ ps ] also, IBTABA: taken from Wire’s album title It’s Beginning To And Back Again.

personal work

you can’t go home again

photo of Παναγιώτης καπογιάννης (Panagiotis Kapogianis) by fernand de Beauvoir, Agia Marina, Egina, Greece.

I love that phrase. it’s so applicable to my life experience, and it was much later that I realized that something remains: I still look for bits of “home feelings”, or experiences, when traveling. this happens in Greece, and more so when visiting the Café Marina. Παναγιώτης has that sense to his café that makes me jump back in time to feel like I was home— in the sense of where I grew up and defined my sense of surroundings.

personal work

sad lovers and giants

Sad Lovers and Giants: Athens, March 2019
left to right: Tony McGuinness, Nigel Pollard, Garçe Allard,
Ian Gibson, and William Hicks

in attending a lot of gigs, I have been able to pursue my own ways of photographing groups— since I do not have to publish, I can do what I want. perhaps the most familiar aspect of my approach to rock photography are: 1. look for the Decompressing Moment (like for Daughters or Sad Lovers and Giants) in performers, which is a bit rare; 2. take more of a 50s jazz approach with load of darkness. finally, late last year, I told Exploded View that I would love to photograph them as a group in a “promo” setting. this took a bit of courage, even though it was at the end of the USA tour and it had to wait until the (yet to happen) European tour. still, it was the moment that gave me the idea to also ask Sad Lovers and Giants, and they were super kind to do some while a two-night concerts in Athens. ohdear… my photographing of a single person is already a challenge, and then 5 five people to convey a balance between what I like and what is useful as promotional work was an unimaginable challenge. this photo shown is one that I really liked the most, and was achieved by being spontaneous, and being breaking the mold from what I thought was the typical pose for them.

[ps] the suite of photographs is something that I must still tweak, and later put into, as done previously for them with gig photos [ link ]