although there are plenty of websites for photo-social activities, the advent of “the algorithms” and monetization seem to lower the experience/enthusiasm for me to use them.

here, it is a merge of Tumblr and Instagram, where I curate other people’s work (famous or not) under the photographers tag, and mobile photography work under mobile work tag. all other work created by me is under the personal work tag.

this platform seems a good way to combine what I was doing with Instagram and Tumblr as an intermediary step before finalizing the work in some form on my proper website ( liminal eye).

limiting the posts to a single paragraph and a single photo brings about an importance to the intermediary step, which is that of simplifying and seeing the fundamental of the work (of other photographers, or mine).

Instagram accounts:
Kerteszianā€” working on simplicity, a photo haiku of sorts
A.Touching.Displayā€” statues, principally, looking at the Vanity of Grief
fernand.de.beauvoirā€” to focus on concert and portrait photography, and other types of photography that strike me at the moment.

main photo site:
The Liminal Eye