Sarah Moon & simplicity

one of my favorite mantras for photography comes from Albert Einstein: « make it simple, but no simpler ». it rings true, yet, in something as objective as mathematics, or even algorithm design, it is quite the challenge: there are no instructions. in the subjective field of photography, the liberty of seeking simplicity can lead to, not only good photographs, but also a discovery of how we see. a friend posted a quote from Sarah Moon:

« I spend my time eliminating things with the hope that there will be something left that will surprise me, that will make me forget I am in a studio, in front of a model I have booked, on a set on which I have spent hours fussing. »

and that is a characteristic to be loved about Sarah Moon, which sits atop the very alluring Polaroid work that she has done. approaching the snap of a photograph with her idea of simplicity is not very simple, and can lead to many photographs not being taken. however, the learning is gained, and subsequently to less clutter to process.

by Sarah Moon

4 thoughts on “Sarah Moon & simplicity

  1. There’s a photographer I follow on Instagram that takes simplicity seriously: cordcer. I don’t know anything about this person, but somehow stumbled onto a single photo…which led me to look at more photos…which led me to follow his/her work.


      1. amazing that it escaped you on flickr. i thought everyone knew, along with the critique of HCB’s bike photo in DeleteMe. i guess more at Dada than photography. (not knowing full well the strictness of what constitute Dada, but always wanted to say that phrase.)


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